Famous Travel Blogger Incredibly Boring To Actually Travel With

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY — Although she was very excited to tag along at first, 27-year-old Jenny Wilson found her trip with Instagram travel-blogging legend Brittany Sentel (aka @livefreely246) to be a “complete snooze-fest.” 

Jenny couldn’t wait to get out on the streets and fully experience Hungarian culture, but Brittany seemed to have other ideas.

“She had her head buried in her iPhone for hours on end, refreshing to see how many ‘likes' she had,” Jenny vented. “Occasionally she’d look up and ask me if she chose the right Instagram filter.”

Jenny won a contest to secure her spot on the trip. And as one of 143,000 followers of @livefreely246, she considered herself pretty lucky.

For two years, Jenny had followed Brittany’s world travels, ‘liking’ her Instagram photos as she camped out on the toilet at her corporate desk job.

“I mean technically I’m getting paid to poop, but she’s getting paid to be on vacation,” she said. “I’d been so jealous of her for so long, but for a social media star, she's pretty damn anti-social.”

Though the trip was scheduled for three days, Jenny cut it short when Brittany forced her to take one of those jumping, mid-air photos in front of the Hungarian Parliament Building. It took 27 attempts before they had a version Brittany was happy with.

 “I mean if you're a big-time travel blogger, learn how to time your jumps, you know?"