Gavin Lives in a Van Now

a half hour comedy pilot

Top 10 Finalist — Final Draft’s Big Break Contest

Second Round — Austin Film Festival


Gavin Lives in a Van Now is the story of GAVIN CHAMBERS (29), a dissatisfied, antsy Millennial sick of living vicariously through travel bloggers on Instagram while he withers away in a cubicle. Inspired by an enlightening one-night stand with a hippie vegan woman, he devises a plan to quit his job and travel to all 47 U.S. National Parks with his best friend Ricky in a camper van. But when Ricky bails after he’s already quit his job and given up his spot in their apartment, Gavin has no choice but go on the trip himself in this upbeat sitcom about a man’s quest for self-discovery while living in 50 square feet. It’s the Millennial version of Eat Pray Love with the road trip comedy of Tommy Boy.  

The Hamburglar

a brooklyn nine-nine spec script


Jake gets distracted from a serial killer case by a burglar who taunts him relentlessly. Gina helps Boyle get his groove back. Rosa discovers yoga.

Quarterfinalist — Final Draft’s Big Break Contest