If you have a vision, and want to have bolder (OR funnier) writing AND thinking behind it, I want to help you make it happen. Hit me with your idea, and let’s put our brains together!

Past clients include: renowned brands like McDonald’s and Sony Electronics, comedians like The Daily Show’s Michael Kosta, tech start-ups like Volio and Trace Soccer, voice recognition technology companies like Sense.ly, and many more.


I’ve been a professional writer for 10 years, serving primarily as a comedy writer and Sr. Copywriter. During that time, I’ve written:

·      All forms of copywriting

·      Stand-up comedy material (my own, and for others)

·      TV Scripts

·      Webisodes

·      Nationally syndicated radio commercials

·      Taglines for companies or ad campaigns

·      Scripts for voice recognition app experiences

·      Brand decks

·      Podcast scripts

·      Video scripts

·      Blog posts

·      Articles

·      And lots of other things, too!


I love working with clients who are passionate about what they’re doing, and not afraid to take risks and try something different in order to stand out. Clearly, humor is my favorite thing to write, but I love writing anything that has some edge to it.

If your company or project involves any of my personal passions and hobbies, that’s obviously a bonus. Those include: comedy, writing, soccer, surfing, vintage cars, camping, the great outdoors, sports in general, cool new technology, etc.


$100/hr. Minimum booking: 10 hours.

Here’s how clients typically work with me…


10 hours. $1,000.

Perfect for smaller projects like a website refresh, a series of blog posts, a couple of video or podcast scripts, or a first pitch of a total rebranding effort. Must use this time within 1 month after purchase.


25 hours. $2,500.

Now we can combine a few things, like rebranding your website, then creating a series of automated emails for new customers or subscribers that also have your new brand voice/tone. And we'll have time for a couple of round of revisions, so you know you'll love the final results. Must use this time within 1-2 months.


40 hours. $4,000.

Take it easy, moneybags! Now I can do things like take your e-book outline and create magic with it. Suddenly, your how-to guide or self-help book will have the edgy and humorous voice you’ve been envisioning. Or your company now has an entire ad campaign and brand-new website that’s ready to take your target market by storm! Must use this time within 2 months.


Important Note:

Defining an hourly rate is always a little tricky, since some writers tend to spend hours “brainstorming” and “on the clock” while they’re really on the couch watching CSI: Miami reruns. You shouldn’t have to pay for someone to watch Horatio Cane slowly remove his glasses and say, “school’s out!” while at the crime scene of a murdered elementary school teacher. I assure you my hours are much better spent than that, and we can work out a per-project deal if you’d prefer.


So, are you ready to get started?