The Longer, More Interesting Version

Oh wow, that short bio wasn’t enough? I’m very flattered, but you must have a lot of free time on your hands. Get a hobby, man.

Let’s see… I grew up in Palos Verdes, California, where I never truly appreciated how insanely beautiful it was until I grew up and moved away.

I only cared about two things back then: soccer and comedy. At a high school reunion, one girl told me that she had a crush on be back in the day, but that I would talk her ear off about soccer and she got so bored she moved on to someone else. Your loss, Sandra! Jk it was completely my fault.

My soccer obsession worked out a little bit, as I went on to play for UC Irvine, where I had to wear a bright yellow jersey that said EATERS on it (short for Anteaters—not much better). I also pursued Literary Journalism there, which I initially mistook to mean "literally, journalism." 

I was also a frat boy, joining Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and after hosting a roast of the senior members of my fraternity, I caught the bug to try stand-up myself.

Over the course of eight years I performed thousands of times in 15 different states at comedy clubs, colleges, casinos, bars, bowling alleys and more. I became a regular performer at the World Famous Improv and Laugh Factory comedy clubs in Los Angeles, sharing the stage with all of my comedy heroes like Dave Attell, Bill Burr, Aziz Ansari, Mike Birbiglia, Tom Segura, etc. I've produced several recurring live comedy shows in Los Angeles and Orange County, hosted podcasts, have been heard on Sirius Satellite Radio, and seen in National Lampoon’s Dirty Jokes: The Movie.

I've also built up over a decade of professional writing experience—everything from comedy web series to head writer of a start-up company to Senior Copywriter at corporations like Sony Electronics.

These days, I balance my career between creative projects like books, articles, and TV scripts I hope might make it to your TV/laptop/iPhone someday, and helping people and companies create advertising and brand messaging that doesn’t suck.

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