Rates & Pricing

Here’s everything you want to know about your investment in my writing and creative services.

Are your rates hourly?

In 90% of cases, no. Billing hourly is the wrong way to invest in strong copywriting or brand messaging. Writing isn’t like knitting a quilt, where you know exactly how far you’re going to get per hour.

Example: I’ve sat down for two hours and written 15 pages that I love. I’ve also sat down for two hours and ended up with two sentences that I kind of hate. Would you really want to pay the same amount for those two results?

so how do you charge?

For the exact reasons above, my project quotes are value-based. This means you’re paying for the value and ROI of the finished product—not the time spent producing it. This method works so much better for both parties.

That's because:

  • You're never surprised by an invoice (Wait, that took you thirty hours?!)
  • You get a finished project you love, at a price you're comfortable with
  • I'm judged on quality and results, not hours logged
Better copywriting doesn’t cost you money—it makes you money by delivering results.
— A Really, Really Smart Guy

What’s your starting price point?

For one-time assignments (like marketing emails or website copy) my rates begin at $300 per email, and $400 per web page. This varies depending on the required research and creative development needed. All project prices include one round of revisions. If there's last minute changes after that, we'll start implementing my hourly rate. 

Larger projects (like brand development or video/podcast scripts) begin at $1,250, and are also quoted based on scope.

Editing/copy touch-ups are the only work I will do per hour, at $75-95 per hour depending on complexity, if it's rush job, etc. 

I will always be upfront and transparent about pricing. If your project sounds different than anything mentioned above, just fill out this project form and we can talk it through.

Why do your prices start there?

Clients who decide to work with me do so because they believe in paying for a high-quality, results-driven messaging from a seasoned writer with over a decade of experience—not just a finished page.

If your focus is getting the cheapest copywriter possible, I'm not the guy (or gal) you’re looking for.

How my process works.

Every new client goes through a three-step process:

  1. You answer a quick, five-minute project inquiry form. This helps me better understand your needs, objectives, and what I can do to help you get there.
  2. If it sounds like a good fit, we’ll schedule a call (phone or Skype) so I can learn all about your business and specific project needs.
  3. Finally, I’ll send over an invoice and a contract. Once contracts are signed and a 50% deposit has been paid, we’ll get started.

For a more detailed breakdown of my process, download this PDF.

If this sounds good to you, fill out the 5-minute questionnaire below and let’s get going!

Robbie is an extremely talented writer and creative talent. He is capable of understanding complex and difficult technologies, and then writing about them in a way that’s engaging, personable, and easy to understand. You just know he’s going to deliver every time.
— Lisa Falkson (Amazon, Google, CloudCar)