"Such a fun, easy read. Like for children, except don't let children read this."

– Brooks Wheelan, Saturday Night Live


Hello there, person or spam bot! I wrote a book called Toilet Material: Very Short Stories for Very Short Attention Spans and in February, it was successfully funded through Kickstarter. Read more about it here. It'll eventually be available on Amazon, but if you'd like me to sign it and get a few extra goodies like a Toilet Material bookmark and matches to keep on your toilet tank, pre-order it here instead! 

“So FUNNY, YOU'll want to read it when you go number 1.”

–Brian Keith Etheridge
TV Writer – Mike and Molly, The Mick

Kickstarter video blooper reel!

Here I am screwing up a bunch of my lines over and over again during the shoot for my Kickstarter video. Many thanks to my director/editor Yak Manrique for making me laugh so hard during the whole thing. Sadly, we cut these bloopers down... there are lots more.

FYI - i WAS MAKING fun of jared FROM SUBDAY before IT WAS COOL.

Did you know that the now infamous Jared Fogle from the Subway commercials used to tour the country performing at colleges? Here's how I imagine what it would be like to be in the crowd for one of his performances.