about me

I live in Encinitas, CA, and have been a professional writer for the past 12 years. I played soccer at UC Irvine and waited tables at the Irvine Improv comedy club, then I spent eight years touring the country as a stand-up comedian myself after graduating. It was an awesome experience but a very unsustainable lifestyle, and I decided to put the microphone down so I wouldn’t have to sleep at Red Roof Inns in Des Moines, Iowa, anymore. Now I write things from the comfort of my own home, and take most video calls in a shirt and boxer shorts.

When I’m not writing I’m usually playing soccer, surfing mediocrely, or making dumb faces and noises at my 1-year-old because his giggles are the best. Read more...


"Oh, Robbo. I’ll write you a testimonial if no one else is responding to your emails. You’re the most handsome, talented boy in the world!"

— Jeanne Pickard, Robbie's Mom